In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services
mRNA Development for Cell Therapy

mRNA Development for Cell Therapy

Seattle Genova is the leader in mRNA-based cell therapy development. Our mission is to help our customers to unleash the potential and reach of cell therapy through RNA engineering.

mRNA-based cell therapy is a new class of therapy that blends some of the best features from conventional nanoparticle-based RNA therapy with conventional DNA-engineered cell therapy. 

Highlights of mRNA-based cell therapy

1.In contrast to conventional nanoparticle-based RNA therapies, RNA Cell therapy may have minimal immunogenicity with repeat dosing. 

2.mRNAs can also be easily engineered with tissue-specific homing proteins.

3.Compared to conventional DNA-based cell therapies, RNA Cell Therapy has a predictable half-life and avoids the risk of genomic integration: two attributes that are expected to make it safer. 

4.mRNA-based cell therapy is also less expensive and enables true combination therapy without vector cargo limits.

5.mRNAs are relatively simple to manufacture and can target previously undruggable pathways.

6.The ability to rapidly alter the sequence of the mRNA construct for personalized treatments or to adapt to an evolving pathogen.

7.Their ability to act on targets that are otherwise “undruggable” for a small molecule or a protein. 

RNA Therapeutics comprise a rapidly expanding category of drugs that will speed solutions to the clinic; will actualize personalized medicine; and will make the term “undruggable” obsolete. The first RNA drugs have been approved, and many more are in development. 

Our service portfolios are as follows: 

1.Sequence design of mRNA molecules

2.Vector construction

3.Plasmid production for IVT

4.Plasmid linearization

5.In vitro transcription

6.mRNA purification

7.mRNA encapsulation with liposomes

We enjoy working in partnership with our clients to solve mRNA development and formulation challenges and deliver the highest performing, most sustainable, most cost-effective products to our customers.


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