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Electroporation is the most efficient, non-viral gene delivery technique for introducing mRNA and other molecules into a wide variety of cells, particularly difficult-to-transfect cells, like primary and stem cells. By using appropriately pulsed electric powered currents to induce transient pores in the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane extracellular genetic material can pass through and assimilate the target cells’ DNA. With careful choice of suitable pulse time, waveform, and voltage, cell membrane disturbance is minimized, target cell viability is enhanced, and reproducible transfection efficiencies are achieved. Seattle Genova offers a solution for the development of mRNA and its delivery methods. Based on vast design and production experience, Seattle Genova's experts can help researchers in providing efficient electroporation technique to enhance the delivery of mRNA-based vaccines.


Electroporation is based on a simple process. Host cells and selected molecules are suspended in a conductive solution, and an electrical circuit is closed around the mixture. An electric pulse at an optimized voltage and only lasting a few microseconds to a millisecond is discharged via the cell suspension. This disturbs the phospholipid bilayer of the membrane and outcomes in the formation of temporary pores. The electric powered capability throughout the cell membrane concurrently rises to permit charged molecules like mRNA to be pushed throughout the membrane via the pores in a way just like electrophoresis. The primary gain of electroporation is its applicability for brief and stable transfection of all cell types. Furthermore, due to the fact electroporation is straightforward and rapid, it may transfect numerous cells in a brief time as soon as ideal electroporation situations are determined.




We provide high throughput evaluations along with faster results.

We provide mRNA electroporation services to meet your various end-point in vaccine delivery.

A complete work report.


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