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mRNA Encapsulation Service

Seattle Genova presents an answer for the improvement of mRNA-based biologics, including vaccines, gene editing, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), and protein expression in cells. Based on enormous design and manufacturing experience, our team can assist researchers for in vitro transcription (IVT) vector design, vector cloning, in vitro mRNA synthesis, mRNA-LNP manufacturing, and in vitro/in vivo functional testing to boost up the improvement of mRNA-based vaccines and gene therapy. Lipids are extensively used in the cosmetic and food industries in addition to nanoparticle drug technology. A variety of lipid molecules were advanced for mRNA delivery. Seattle Genova gives a wide selection of Lipo LNPs to our customers worldwide. We additionally offer rapid pace custom synthesis of novel LNPs to empower your advanced research in pharmaceutical & biotech field.

LipoXTM LNP Formulation Platform

Our portfolio LNPs and custom lipid synthesis offerings assist you convey your formulation to scale. As bare mRNA is unstable, drug delivery systems, including lipid nanoparticles, are important to supply mRNA to target cells. Selecting the proper excipient and lipids is vital for successful encapsulation. We offer a variety of different types in four categories of lipids such as.



  • Variety of lipids to choose

  • High quality

  • LNP & mRNA stability

  • Avoid crystallinity

  • Experts customer services

  • Cost effective

  • Rapid turnover time


LNP mRNA is supplied as a dry powder, completely lyophilized, and shipped with dry ice.

A complete work report.


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