In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services
mRNA Engineering For Improved Stability And Efficacy

mRNA Engineering For Improved Stability And Efficacy

Our extensive experience in mRNA engineering to improve the efficacy and stability for various biological study kinds. We are providing partners with complete tools so they may find, develop, and commercialize mRNA therapies from concept to market, all for the benefit of customers around the world.

Messenger ribonucleic acid is a single stranded RNA molecule that in molecular biology is read by a ribosome during the protein-synthesis process and corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene.

The purpose of mRNA is to transport protein information from DNA in a cell's nucleus to the cytoplasm, or watery interior, of the cell. There, the machinery responsible for making proteins reads the sequence of the mRNA and converts each three-base codon into an amino acid that belongs in a polypeptide chain. We offer the following services.

5’cap modifications

In addition to safeguarding mRNA against exoribonuclease degradation, the 5' cap particularly interacts with several proteins and enzymes to ensure mRNA turnover and processing, such as splicing, export from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, and translation start-up.

Strong immunological reactions result from the absence of a 5' cap, and the methylation status helps to discriminate between self- and non-self RNA. The study of mRNAs' cellular localization, trafficking, and binding partners requires a way to name them and make them available for analysis, which is made possible by non-natural alterations of the 5' cap.

5’ UTR & 3’ UTR engineering

Messenger RNAs' 3' untranslated regions (3' UTRs) are best recognized for controlling mRNA-based functions like translation, mRNA localization, and mRNA stability. Furthermore, 3' UTRs can create 3’ UTR-mediated protein-protein interactions (PPIs), which allow them to communicate the genetic information they have encoded to proteins.

Although the 5' untranslated region (5'UTR) is important for post-transcriptional regulation, it is still unclear how nucleotides interact with 5'UTRs as synthetic regulatory components that have undergone directed evolution.

ORF optimization

It is well known that the Open Reading Frame (ORF) Codon composition affects translation effectiveness. Codon optimization may have an impact on protein folding, mRNA abundance, and translation efficiency.

Poly-tail engineering

Synthesis of the poly-A tail, a crucial component for effective translation, occurs as one of the final steps of mRNA biogenesis. To boost the stability of a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule, the poly-A tail, which is a lengthy chain of adenine nucleotides, is appended to the molecule. 

Adenine nucleotides are added to the RNA by the poly-A polymerase enzyme. During this procedure, known as polyadenylation, a poly-A tail with a length of 100 to 250 residues is added.

Engineering of mRNA for elongated storage-shelf-life

The stability of the mRNA is one element that has a significant impact on the necessary storage conditions. The level of gene expression is mostly regulated by the unique mRNA half-life. The factors that affect mRNA stability, though, are still poorly understood. The majority of earlier research contend that mRNA stability is unaffected by length.

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5’UTR & 3’UTR Engineering For The Improvement Of Stability Of mRNA
Our extensive experience produces 5' UTR and 3’UTR securely for various biological study kinds.
ORF Optimization For Improved mRNA Stability And Efficacy
Our extensive experience produces optimized for improvement of stability and efficacy of mRNA and various biological study kinds.
Modification of 5’Cap For The Improvement Of Stability Of mRNA
Our vast expertise in safely manufacturing 5’ cap for many biological study types. We are offering partners full tools…
Engineering Of Poly-A Tail For The Improvement Of Stability Of mRNA
Seattle Genova's BioActiveTM platform is the world's biggest facility for biomedical research.
mRNA Engineering For Elongated Storage-shelf-life
Our vast expertise in mRNA engineering for elongated storage shelf-life makes us prominent.

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