In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services

In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services

With the wide list of products, Seattle Genova is successful in starting of mRNA services. Seattle Genova’s team has shown great results in production of custom mRNAs and its further services. We manufacture exceptional mRNA for a number of the maximum demanding applications in the enterprise today, providing custom-designed procedure improvement offerings primarily based on your particular mRNA and customer's application needs. Seattle Genova's GMP production of proteins has helped us construct one of the fastest-developing mRNA provider services in the industry. The professional group of Seattle Genova has significant technical knowledge in fermentation, purification, and analytics to assist in delivering your subsequent mRNA project come to life. Seattle Genova provides more services along with custom mRNA production such as; Self-amplifying RNA production, mRNA immunization, Custom Circular RNA Production, Lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery, Analysis of mRNA, LNP formulated RNA production service, mRNA based gene editing tools, mRNA based vaccine development, mRNA development for the cell therapy, mRNA-based replacement therapy, mRNA structural modifications, New lipid nanoparticle formulation development service. 

Custom mRNA Synthesis
Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are a fast-emerging class of biotherapeutics.
Self-amplifying RNA Production
Seattle Genova operates a state-of-the-art mRNA/saRNA production facility. As the leading supplier of mRNA/saRNA, our unparalleled experience…
mRNA Immunization
Seattle Genova offers antibody production services by mRNA immunization.
Custom Circular RNA Production
Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel class of RNAs distinguished by their single-stranded, covalently-closed topology.
mRNA Analysis and Characterization
Seattle Genova provides comprehensive mRNA characterization and testing packages.
LNP Formulated RNA Production Service
mRNA has shown therapeutic potential in a range of applications, including viral vaccines, protein replacement therapies…
mRNA Based Gene Editing Tools
Gene correction of transplantable cells using CRISPR/Cas9-based tools is a realistic scenario for autologous cell replacement …
MRNA Based Vaccine Development
Seattle Genova is working on assisting our clients to develop and test new mRNA vaccines for a wide range of diseases.
mRNA Development for Cell Therapy
Seattle Genova is the leader in mRNA-based cell therapy development. Our mission is to help our customers to unleash the potential and reach of cell therapy through RNA engineering.
mRNA-Based Replacement Therapy
Therapeutic proteins are medicines that are genetically engineered versions of naturally occurring human proteins.
mRNA Structural Modifications
RNA is generally considered a more sensitive and unstable molecule compared with DNA.
New Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation Development Service
Seattle Genova has launched our LipoX platform to assist our customers with new lipid nanoparticle formulation development.
mRNA Drug Development Services
​With the wide list of products, Seattle Genova is successful in starting of mRNA drug development services.
mRNA Formulation Services
In recent years, great progress has been made into mRNA vaccine development, especially in individualized tumor vaccines.
mRNA Engineering For Improved Stability And Efficacy
Our extensive experience in mRNA engineering to improve the efficacy and stability for various biological study kinds.
Applications of mRNA Therapeutics
mRNA is a versatile device that can be utilized for therapeutic protein replacement, gene editing, cell therapy, vaccines, and more.

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