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Naked mRNA Vaccine Production

Seattle Genova provides wide range of viral and non-viral methods for mRNA delivery. With the years of experiences and knowledge of our experts, Seattle Genova has achieved naked mRNA vaccine production services. Seattle Genova have a rich history of achievement and determination to offering our clients with best service, the use of the exceptional modern equipment and greatest materials. Coming from world-renowned establishments throughout the globe, the researchers of our laboratory team are well-knowledgeable and distinctly professional with the devotion and backbone to fulfill any necessities of our clients.


Naked-mRNA-based vaccines are introduced via way of means of dissolving the mRNA right into a buffer after which injecting the mRNA solution directly into the body. Although naked mRNA can't diffuse throughout the intracellular membrane, the mechanism for its internalization stays unclear. Initially, it became proposed to be internalized via way of means of a cellular process, referred to as micropinocytosis. Some research have cautioned that the internalization of naked mRNA is facilitated through mechanical forces, together with hydrostatic stress. It is speculated that hydrostatic stress may also cause the disruption of the cell membrane and facilitate cytosolic delivery of nucleic acids. Naked mRNA may be effortlessly stored at 4 ◦C for up to ten months in 10% trehalose upon freeze drying. Similarly, the intrinsic immunogenicity is advantageous as it triggers RNA sensors, including TLRs, RIG-I, PKR and IFIT1, which results in the activation of NF KB, type I IFN pathways and the discharge of cytokines. Naked mRNA vaccines also are susceptible to RNase degradation and intracellular delivery. These limitations may be eliminated through local administration of mRNA, including intramuscular, intranodal, intratracheal, intradermal and intranasal routes, to reduce their contact with RNases in the bloodstream. Naked mRNAs had been examined in clinical trials against diseases, including melanoma, influenza and HIV-1 virus.




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