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Non-viral Vector Construction For mRNA Delivery

Non-viral Vector Construction For mRNA Delivery

Viruses successfully delivers mRNA into cells, however have a few limitations. Non-viral techniques, as the alternative techniques of gene delivery, present certain advantages over viral techniques with easy large-scale manufacturing and low host immunogenicity. Non-viral vectors, which consist of naked mRNA and liposomes, in general are based on plasmids. Comparing with viral vectors, non-viral vectors are taken into consideration more secure and cheaper, and have almost no predicament in therapeutic gene size. mRNA can be delivered in distinct forms through non-viral techniques, which include injection of naked mRNA, liposomes and particle-mediated gene transfer. Seattle Genova offers diverse non-viral vectors for customers, mainly liposomes. Custom development of non-viral vectors is welcome as well. Seattle Genova additionally offers the non-viral vector formulations of mRNA that are subdivided into lipid or lipid substances and polymer delivery structures. The hybrid system of lipid and polymer also are benefit for mRNA delivery. Non-viral vectors may facilitate long-term expression of therapeutic genetic material, although scientists have yet to prove that they can provide long-term treatment effects. Non-viral vectors have become part of clinical trials and continue to be evaluated for use in gene therapy.

Types of non-viral vectors

Non-viral mRNA delivery systems have been introduced as an alternative to viral-based systems. One of the most essential benefits of those systems is advanced transfection. Non-viral systems are classified according to preparation, as 

Physical techniques

Chemical techniques 

Physical techniques: The most common physical strategies are microinjection, electroporation, ultrasound, gene gun, and hydrodynamic applications. In standard terms, physical techniques refer to delivery of the mRNA through the application of physical pressure to increase permeability of the cell membrane. 

Chemical techniques: in contrast to physical techniques, chemical ones make use of natural or artificial carriers to deliver mRNA into cells. In this method, polymers, liposomes, dendrimers, and cationic lipid structures are used as gene delivery systems.




Non-viral vector construct with mRNA.

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