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Optic Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova offers various optical three-dimensional organoids which are derived from pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). The eye is an essential component and complex organ comprising different specialized and ocular tissues which are responsible for vision. The eye and ocular organoids we provide could be models of deep research on partial or total vision loss.

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Seattle Genova provides various methodologies to produce highly organized 3-dimensional ocular organoids. The multilocular organoids model can be a potent source for analysis of different cell types of development of eye and eye diseases. 

Multilocular Organoids  

Seattle Genova utilizes pluripotent stem cells and fibroblast-derived iPSC lines. These cell lines will be cultured and expanded in Matrigel-coated plates which further differentiate into multizone ocular progenitor cells. Advancing, these stem cells generate various multilocular organoids and other individual corneal and individual retinal organoids.

Retinal Organoids

Seattle Genova offers three-dimensional retinal organoid systems which are derived from pluripotent stem cells which provides unprecedented opportunities for various retinal research and other translational applications.  The retinal organoids we offer are generated from patient-derived pluripotent cells and the patient-derived cell provides mutations that lead to the pathological phenotype.  Moreover, our retinal organoids are also derived from embryonic cells of the mouse which serves as the important building block for different retinal invitro organoids models.

Corneal Organoids

Seattle Genova offers corneal organoids which are derived from embryonic stem cells supplemented with Matrigel.  Through the scRNAseq data, different corneal epithelium populations, and corneal endothelial and corneal stem cells mature to form corneal organoids. These organoids could be an important tool to study various infections, the healing of the wound, and pharmacological screening in a cost-effective manner. 


Seattle Genova provides a robust 3-D ocular, retinal, and cornel organoid system for broader research communities. Moreover, we galvanize cross-discipline to encourage transformational advances and eliminate limitations in current organoids and accelerate the development of ocular organoids. Last but not least we model the various eye organoids for cornea and retina disease and test treatments that are directly related to humans. 


Gabriel, E., Albanna, W., Pasquini, G., Ramani, A., Josipovic, N., Mariappan, A., ... & Gopalakrishnan, J. (2021). Human brain organoids assemble functionally integrated bilateral optic vesicles. Cell Stem Cell, 28(10), 1740-1757.


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