Organoid Services
Organoid Characterization Service

Organoid Characterization Service

Seattle Genova offers complex organoids with simpler analysis, as organoids present new avenues for disease research and cover the gaps in animal models and traditional 2D cell cultures.  Our organoids analysis will identify, analyze and track a large number of organoids with an array of advanced cultures and accurate results. With the latest organoid culture technologies offered, take your research further up to the accuracy level. Seattle Genova believes in a deep analysis of all the organoid cultures, which is the reason why they thoroughly characterize their organoids. 

Ethics Approval

The foremost task of analysis is to consent and follow all the ethical codes required for the genesis of organoid cultures for animal and human models.

Morphological Analysis

The morphological analysis for organoids includes a variety of factors like cell type, culturing conditions, and various phenotypes of diseases. For that multiple factors, organoid morphology comes in multiple shapes and sizes. With the diverse range of organoid phenotypes, the organoid analysis module offered by Seattle Genova could detect and quantify diverse groups in a limited time.    

Organoid Counting 

Seattle Genova provides an organoid analysis module that can quickly identify various organoids by comparing their condition and creating chart development over time. Moreover, they abruptly analyze and create population distribution by counting the number, Diameter, Area, Aspect ratio, and Eccentricity/Roundness of the organoid’s cells.

Flow Cytometry 

Seattle Genova offers flow cytometry analysis of organoids to detect changes inside the composition and surface marker expressions of organoids which might be influenced by extrinsic factors like their growth conditions. Appropriate controls are used to analyze the cell population through flow cytometry. 

Bulk Gene Expressions Assays

Seattle Genova utilizes bulk gene expression assays which are used to identify the different gene expressions in the organoid culture models. Moreover, it would use to measure the average difference and discriminating factors between the human cells (like fetal cells) and organoid cells. 


Kijima, T., Nakagawa, H., Shimonosono, M., Chandramouleeswaran, P. M., Hara, T., Sahu, V., ... & Natsugoe, S. (2019). Three-dimensional organoids reveal therapy resistance of esophageal and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cells. Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology, 7(1), 73-91.

Morphological Analysis Of Organoids
Seattle Genova offers alteration of organoids morphology by manipulating the condition of its cultures.
Organoid Counting
Seattle Genova provides counting of organoids which predetermined the size of organoids.
Bulk Gene Expression Analysis For Organoids
Seattle Genova provides a genome-wide perspective of gene expression in whole organoids in form of bulk gene expression analysis.
Organoid Analysis With Flow Cytometry
Seattle Genova utilizes flow cytometry for the screening of organoids which investigates primarily changes in the surface marker expressions of organoids.

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