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Organoid Counting

Seattle Genova provides counting of organoids which predetermined the size of organoids. We also offer an extremely systematic process for counting to provide accurate and precise counting of all objects across every plate and every well. Moreover, for the 3D organoids grown in 3D spaces the counting will be methodical across X and Y along with consideration of the Z axis as a substantial number of organoids at differing levels. 

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova utilizes many systematic counting methods, which can be used to enumerate the counting of organoids.

Brightfield Microscopy

Seattle Genova utilizes a standard light microscope for scanning and counting organoids. Our researchers visualize one plane and count all the items in that plane following to the next plane until reach the bottom of the plate.

Confocal Microscopy

Seattle Genova utilizes confocal microscopy to quantify the size and number of the organoid. Confocal microscopy utilizes automated Z-stacks through the media and pieces the image together in 3D. As the images were saved and the software packages associated with the are dynamic, in quantifying and sizing organoids. 

Gel Count

Seattle Genova utilizes integrated hardware and other additional software platforms for the gel count. This software is for automated high-throughput imaging and various analysis of mammalian cell colonies which can both be adherent and non-adherent. This GelCount has proven to be capable of counting and sizing organoids, tumor-forming, and other clonogenicity assays.

Gelcount once obtains an image, the researchers utilize the software to define certain thresholds to count exactly the specification of organoids. These thresholds could be automated to run across the entire experiment, counting every well with the same defined specifications and no variation in counts. From the high throughput standards, the gel count on average takes around 12 minutes to count and analyze the four separate 6-well plates of non-adherent colonies.      


We provide various methods for the counting of organoid including GelCount software. Our organoids are precisely count and enumerated through this software, and customized according to your demands. We provide full length report of organoids along with their detailed characteristics.    


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