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Organoids For Developmental Biology Research

Organoids For Developmental Biology Research

Seattle Genova provides valuable information on the mechanisms of human development and or generation through the organoid formation. Our services highlight the value of organoids in basic biological research as a potential source of modern molecular diagnostics. Moreover, our services offer the maximum potential of organoids as extended basic biological research models, drug discovery, and medical research.        


 Fig: Organoids as Important Source for Understanding Developmental Biology (Huch et al., 2017) 

Seattle Genova Services

The organoid models utilized for developmental biology by Seattle Genova are robust and fast-growing and can propagate cost-effectively during research. Through our organoids models, researchers have benefited greatly through a detailed description of its developmental physiology and many community resources which comprises various species-specific databases. Moreover, our models provide a variety of experimental techniques which can be analyzed through molecular analysis as well. 

Model Organisms

Seattle Genova provides many model organisms for their organoid models which includes the availability of highly advanced germline-competent mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs), enabling the mouse models as one of the preferred organoid systems. Similarly, many other model organisms like S. cerevisiae, D. Melanogaster, and C. Elegans are used to extract cell lines for organoid synthesis to discover various genetic cell death signaling pathways.  

Human-Cell-Based Models

Seattle Genova has also expertise in various human-based organoids models which are otherwise not amenable to animal models. Several biological phenomena including the complexity of the brain can be studied under neuron cell-based models, derived from the outer radial glia of the human cortex. Hence, we provide various human-specific models to understand precisely about developmental biology of genetic diversity and personalized medical treatment 

 iPSC-Derived Organoid Models

Seattle Genova has initiated the production of human pluripotent stem cell (PSC) derived organoids which mimic the developmental process both in vivo and in vitro models. These PSCs are differentiated into various embryoid bodies following differentiation into the neuroectodermal lineage. Recently, we have developed in vivo3D organoids through iPSC, which allowed diverse cell types to be precisely modeled.     

AdSC-Derived Organoids

Seattle Genova also certifies to provide adipose-derived stem cells (AdSC) derived human organoids. They are generated from endoderm tissues and gender-specific tissues to understand the proper developmental biology of various glands of the human body in various stem cell environments.   


Huch, M., Knoblich, J. A., Lutolf, M. P., & Martinez-Arias, A. (2017). The hope and the hype of organoid research. Development, 144(6), 938-941.


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