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Organoids For Preclinical Disease Modelling

Organoids For Preclinical Disease Modelling

Seattle Genova offers organoids that make them suitable for biobanking and preclinical disease modeling. Moreover, our organoid models provide real-time imaging techniques which enable various aspects of human development and preclinical disease modeling. We offer precise and compact organoid models assisting complex research for a proper understanding of diseases.


Fig: Different Preclinical Disease Models from Various Stem and Somatic Cells (Li et al., 2019).    

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Modeling of Intestine Organoids

Seattle Genova provides intestinal stem line-derived organoids which exhibit the functions of the preclinical disease model. These models are characterized through the expression of a gene that encodes for the Wnt agonist R-spondin within their environs. These organoids will remain genomically stable and contributes to the preclinical organoid model. 

Modeling the Genitourinary Organoids

Seattle Genova offers various genitourinary-derived organoids from male and female reproductive tracts. The organoids from the female reproductive tract provide preclinical disease modeling for early conceptus and endometrial secretions. Additionally, the organoids dissociated from human testicular cells are also potential sources of preclinical disease models. 

Modeling of Adipose Liver Organoids 

Seattle Genova had developed humans on a chip organoid model which is derived from hepatocytes and adipose tissues that contributes to liver disease development and evaluation of therapeutic metformin. Moreover, this model validates the indirect influence of adipocytes on the hepatocytes which constitutes important aspects of NAFLD progression. These progressions include insulin-resistant biomarkers, TNF-α-induced steatosis, and differential adipokine signaling. Hence this model provides unique aspects for preclinical drug efficacy and dosing regimens for NAFLD 

Modeling of Cardiac Organoids

Seattle Genova provides 3D cellular Human cardiac organoids, which retain biological characteristics more precisely than other models. The high-fidelity model of Human cardiac organoids assists in the exploration of human physiology and modeling various myocardial infractions, heart failures, cardiovascular diseases, and other genetic cardiac diseases. In addition to that, our cardiac models prove to be the supplement for a preclinical model that can be used to stimulate various pathological processes and detect toxicity and side effects of the drugs. 


Li, M., & Izpisua Belmonte, J. C. (2019). Organoids—preclinical models of human disease. New England Journal of Medicine, 380(6), 569-579.


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