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Organoids For Toxicology Testing

Organoids For Toxicology Testing

Seattle Genova offers 3D organoid models which are physiological relevant models, helping the researchers to develop precise results regarding genetic toxicology testing the toxicological investigation through our various organoids has produced promising results by signifying the importance of organoids in environmental exposures and carcinogenic risk to human life. Our services purely focus on the functioning of organoids in the field of toxicology and help to resolve difficult research problems.

Seattle Genova Services 

Seattle Genova focuses on the variation in organoids models to assess the environmental as well as genetic toxicology. With our standardized and developmental procedures, the metabolic capabilities of organoids will help to validate the important usage of modes of action of various carcinogens.  


Fig: Detailed Analysis of Liver Organoids for Personalized Drug Toxicity (Mun et al., 2019) 

Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma – ASCs

We offer oesophageal adenocarcinoma organoids which evaluate the sensitivity of 24 anticancer compounds and their potency for toxicology.

Ductal Pancreatic Cancer – ASCs and PSCs

We also provide various pancreatic organoids extracted through PSCs and patient samples that model ductal pancreatic cancer. It helps to evaluate the toxicology response of gemcitabine and other epigenetic drug regulators. 

Colon Tumour – ASCs 

We also have expertise in the characterization and establishment of colon tumor organoids extracted from ASC cells.  These models analyze various chemotherapeutics and their corresponding toxicology. 

Rectal Tumor – ASCs

Seattle Genova also offers characterization and measurements of various drug efficacy and their toxicology through CFTR- modulating treatments in various rectal organoids.

Kidney Cancer – ASCs  

We also proffer the establishment of kidney organoids in pediatric cancer patients. These models provide toxicology testing of drugs utilized in standard chemotherapies. Moreover they also toxicology test the ability of dextran in cisplatin treatment.

Liver Cancer –ASCs 

The functional heterogeneity of liver cancer organoids provided by our services has the ability to toxicology test 129 cancer drugs to asses various liver cancer. 

Bile Tract Carcinoma – ASCs 

The utilization of tumor organoids derived from gallbladder cancer cells from our services has been the potential source for testing the cytotoxicity of the drugs.

Intestinal Carcinoma – ASCs 

The intestinal organoids by our services provide drug mechanisms and their toxicity by exposure to cisplatin.

Liver, Cardiac, Lung, Brain, Testes, and Colon – PSCs 

Seattle Genova provides multiple livers, cardiac, lung, brain, testes, and colon organoids and their correspondence treatment through 10 drugs including troglitazone, astemizole, and bromfenac and their toxicology.


Mun, S. J., Ryu, J. S., Lee, M. O., Son, Y. S., Oh, S. J., Cho, H. S., ... & Son, M. J. (2019). Generation of expandable human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like liver organoids. Journal of hepatology, 71(5), 970-985.


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