Stable Cell Line Construction Services
Overexpressing Cell Line Construction Service

Overexpressing Cell Line Construction Service

Seattle Genova can generate stable cell lines overexpressing your gene of interest (GOIs) to help you overcome variations related to transient transfection. Overexpression stable cell lines are developed by lentiviral transduction followed by standard drug selection. The GOI expression level is verified by RT-qPCR. Moreover, a series of standard QC assays such as sterility tests and mycoplasma detection are conducted for releasing the final cell line products. Other validation assays such as Western blot and immunocytochemistry can be delivered upon request. Our extensive package of constitutive and inducible lentiviral vectors allows for customization of the target gene expression cassette to contain the appropriate selectable markers and tags for the specific experiment. All cells are guaranteed with desired genotypes, contaminant-free and validated.

How does it work?

Gene overexpression is the technique which leads to the large target protein expression subsequently. The procedure may be in the cell where the gene is originally located or in other expression systems. The main principle is to add regulatory elements upstream of the target gene through artificial construction so that genes can be transcribed and translated efficiently under controlled conditions. There are two general objectives of gene overexpression. On the one hand, we can receive a large number of target gene products. The target gene products can be utilized in research or production, such as studying information on the 3D structure of proteins and preparing insulin by fermentation technology. On the other hand, we can experiment with the biological function of target gene products through gene overexpression.

Why work with Seattle Genova?

Guaranteed: 100% money-back guarantee.

Substantial experience: Thousands of gene editing projects provided.

Premium services: Experienced scientific company and dedicated project managers give you premium services.

With comprehensive control over all quality testing, Seattle Genova can generate proteins to meet industry-leading purity specifications. Proprietary methods for valid protein folding ensure biologically relevant proteins and activity can be evaluated per the customer’s inquiry. Multiple lots are developed for Seattle Genova’s proteins, all with matching specifications.


√ Polyclonal or monoclonal overexpression cell populations

√ QC data that contains Western Blot and/or qPCR data (sequencing and flow cytometry also available)

√ Glycerol stock, plasmid DNA

√ Stability testing is available


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