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Pancreatic Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova provides suitable organoids models for regenerative medicine in diabetes and to accurately study diabetes and pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PADC) and related biology for the treatment, which are essential in the pancreatic field. Our pancreatic organoids generated from the healthy pancreas and pancreatic tumors constitute a crucial translational bridge between in vitro and in vivo models. Hence, we offer pancreatic organoids as an emerging field and summarize the current application through disease modeling, tissue regeneration, and drug screening.

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova provides various derived pancreatic organoids which constitute an essential basis for pancreatic biology and related regenerative medicine.

ALDH Positive Ductal Derived Organoids

Seattle Genova provides pancreatic organoids derived from a subpopulation of ductal cells defined by progenitor markers. Through the utilization of mouse ductal cells, which displayed high aldehyde dehydrogenase activity progenitor features in vitro and through transplantation into the embryonic pancreas. Our pancreatic organoids demonstrated high ALDH activity and gene profiling. 

Proc Positive Islet Derived Organoids

Seattle Genova provides pancreatic organoids which have protein C receptors (Procr) which are reported to mark stem cells on adult tissues. Moreover, the Islet derived organoids provided by our services are long expanded in vitro, and co-culture with endothelial cells differentiates into endocrine cells with high efficiency.  

iPSC-Derived Organoids

Seattle Genova offers iPSC-Derived Pancreatic Organoids to differentiate human PSCs into ductal and acinus-like exocrine organoids. The hPSCs were a source of endocrine cells through differentiation into pancreatic progenitor-like cells into ductal and acinus cells. Moreover, this pancreatic model showed the mutation, which led to cell lineage with specific phenotypes. 


Seattle Genova provides organoids to understand pancreatic biology and to develop valuable therapies such as tissue transplantation and personalized cancer treatment. Moreover, with the organoids, which are heterogeneous in size and shape, we also provide standardized co-cultures with other cells, including endothelial, mesenchymal, neuronal, and immune cells.


Dutta, D., Heo, I., & Clevers, H. (2017). Disease modeling in stem cell-derived 3D organoid systems. Trends in molecular medicine, 23(5), 393-410.



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