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Polymer Synthesis For Polymer-based Delivery Of mRNA

Polymer Synthesis For Polymer-based Delivery Of mRNA

Polymers are also used in nanoparticle drug delivery such as the most advanced Covid-19 vaccine mRNA delivery. These complex molecules have been used extensively to improve circulation times for liposome encapsulated (LNP) drugs and reduce non-specific uptakes. As a worldwide leading Polymer supplier, Seattle Genova not only provides spermine, polyethyleneimine, chitosan, and polyurethane, we also offers at present, common polymer delivery systems are poly-amido-amine (PAA), poly-beta amino-esters (PBAEs) and polyethylenimine (PEI) to empower our customer’s advanced research. These compounds feature great aqueous solubility, with molecule weigh selection and a broad selection of functional groups to choose from.

The use of polymer nanoparticles has been intensively investigated for mRNA delivery, although few research have addressed their use for mRNA. One key advantage of polymeric structures is the opportunity of editing their chemical properties to adapt them to the active substance. The binding of cationic polymers and nucleic acids results in the formation of polyplexes. Different cationic polymers had been studied for mRNA complexation, such as polyethyleneimine (PEI), polyacrylates, poly (β-amino esters) (PBAEs), and poly (aspartamides) (PAsp), amongst others. However, regardless of the considerable variety of polymeric substances available, polymeric structures are not as clinically advanced as lipid structures for mRNA-based therapies. PEI turned into one of the first polymers used for mRNA delivery; it consists of a massive variety of amine groups in its structure conferring it a positive charge. PEI may present both a linear and a branched conformation.




A polymer encapsulated mRNA product.

A complete work report.


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