Custom Protein Labeling Services
Protein Labeling With Fluorophores

Protein Labeling With Fluorophores

Seattle Genova provides custom protein fluorescence labeling services on the basis of our assembled bio conjugation technology. Seattle Genova’s custom fluorescent labeling services include years of expertise, a big choice of reactive dyes, at the side of desire of right labeling technology. Seattle Genova offers advanced fluorescent dyes that show great fluorescence intensity, excessive quantum yield and photostability after binding to protein. Seattle Genova’s fluorescent dyes geared up with numerous reactive groups and cover the entire fluorescence spectral range from UV to past NIS region. The attachment of fluorescent dyes to proteins and different biomolecules is a common approach used to higher apprehend protein shape and function. These fluorescent proteins can be utilized in a huge variety of techniques which include immunochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracing, and receptor labeling and fluorescence spectroscopy. HPLC is used to check quality of desired protein before conjugation. 

Fluorescent Protein Labeling Highlights: 

It will take 1-2 weeks to prepare from the time we receive the sample

More effective

Highly fluorescent

Decreases background on the contrary of immunofluorescence

Helps in co-localization research 

It can be used for double and triple labeling

Seattle Genova provides a range of fluorescent dyes




Methods Used for Fluorescent Protein Labeling:

Seattle Genova offers following methods to produce desired fluorescence labeling of protein for you research.

For labeling of amines: Seattle Genova uses NHS ester, Sulfo-NHS ester and Vinylsulfone reactive groups to conjugate fluorescents with the primary amine of tyrosine residues.

For labeling of thiols: Maleimide target labeling on the thiol of cysteine based on protein structure.

For click chemistry: Azide-alkyne helps in labeling specific sites of protein through chemical modification. While, hyde, a carboxylate, a hydroxyl, uses crosslinking method.

Other labeling methods: other labeling methods such as labeling an aldehyde, a carboxylate, a hydroxyl, uses crosslinker method.


Product is 1 mg up to several grams

A complete QC report

Quality data of labeling

Sample requirement from customers:

85% purity 

1 mg/ml concentration

It should not be a carrier protein


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