Molecular Cloning Services
Reporter Addition/Removal Service

Reporter Addition/Removal Service

Seattle Genova provides reporter gene addition and removal services to our customers. Our experienced molecular biologists carry out the services with short timeline and high fidelity of the cloning. Plasmids, project reports and raw data are delivered as our final deliverables.

Reporter genes are nucleic acid sequences encoding for easily assayed proteins. They are very efficient tools to monitor the efficacy of gene delivery vehicles and of gene expression. Reporter genes can also “report” on different properties and events such as the strength of promoters, the intracellular fate of a gene product, a result of protein trafficking, and the efficiency of translation initiation signals.

Among the more commonly used conventional reporter genes are those that encode for the following proteins: 

  • Chloramphenicol Acetyltransferase

Transfers radioactive acetyl groups to chloramphenicol; detection by thin-layer chromatography and autoradiography; 

  • β-galactosidase (GAL)

Hydrolyzes colorless galactosides to yield colored products; 

  • β-glucuronidase

Hydrolyzes colorless glucuronides to yield colored products; 

  • β-lactamase

Catalyzes hydrolysis of a cephalosporin monitored by a change in fluorescence emission of a substrate; 

  • Firefly Luciferase

Oxidizes luciferin, emitting photons, and Renilla luciferase, which catalyzes oxidation of coelentrazine, leading to bioluminescence; 

  • Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)

Fluoresces, due to energy transfer, on irradiation. 


  • 10 μg of engineered plasmid

  • Project report including primer design and reporter sequences and cloning methods

  • Sequencing data


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