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SpeedeeTM Anti-immunoglobulin CDR Polyclonal Antibody Development

SpeedeeTM Anti-immunoglobulin CDR Polyclonal Antibody Development

Seattle Genova offers our proprietary rabbit polyclonal antibody development technology to serve our customers’ quick antibody development needs in only 28 days.

Immunoglobulins are composed of polymorphic heavy and light chains. The idiotypic variability is related to the diversity of the antigen binding site and in particular to the hypervariable domains called complementarity-determining regions (CDRs). There are 6 CDRs in both variable regions of light (VL) and heavy chains (VH) with background variability on each side of the CDRs. Antibodies (Abs) of different specificities can assemble identical VL domains with different VH domains. The framework sequences between CDRs can be similar or identical.

Variety of CDR1 and CDR2 is encoded by the germline and furtherly diversified by somatic mutation while the one of CDR L3 and CDR H3 is somatically generated by rearrangement of the variable (V) segment with the joining (J) L or diversity (D) H and JH segments, respectively. Notably, CDR H3 plays a crucial role in mediating individual Ag recognition, sometimes by changing its conformation upon Ag binding, although the other five CDRs are also more or less implicated in increasing binding affinity to Ag and some contact residues can even be situated within framework of variable regions.

Highlights of our anti-CDR antibody development services

1. Immunizing animals with CDR peptides

CDR immunization gives high specificity of the antibodies to their antigens.

2. Antigen affinity purification

Antigen affinity purification of only those antibodies in a sample that bind to a particular antigen molecule through their specific antigen-binding domains. This purifies all antibodies that bind the antigen without regard to antibody class or isotype. Antigen affinity purification ensures that purified antibodies are specific for the antigen, for most unspecific antibodies are discarded during the procedure.

3. Counter selective purification

Counter-selection against polyspecificity while enriching for antigen affinity, which enables simultaneous evolution of both antigen binding and superior non-target-related properties during the discovery process. This can significantly decrease the background and noise of a polyclonal antibody.

4. Full QC panel

We offer ELISA and WB tests for the antibodies we developed, and if you are interested in testing with IHC, FACS, IF etc., we can provide these tests as well.

5. Delivery with lyophilized powder

Lyophilized powder has many advantages over liquid solutions:

Ease of processing a liquid, which simplifies aseptic handling.

Enhanced stability of a dry powder.

Removal of water without excessive heating of the product.

Rapid and easy dissolution of reconstituted product.


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