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SpeedeeTM Anti-PTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development

SpeedeeTM Anti-PTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development

Seattle Genova has acquired a strong expertise in producing antibodies against PTMs. We can target classical modifications such as phosphorylation, acetylation, and methylation as well as more complex modifications with high steric hindrance like Ubiquitinylation or SUMOylation.

Our proprietary Speedy 28-Day immunization program is particularly adapted for the generation of specific antibodies against PTM due to the high frequency of the injections in this fast program. Our work flow is as follows.

1. Structure-guided antigen design

Application orientated structure-based antigen design. Synthesis of the PTM peptide and the naked peptide.


2. Antigen immobilization

Immobilization of the PTM peptide to a protein carrier.


3. Immunization

Immunization of two rabbits (the number of rabbits can be increased to meet your specific needs) with the PTM peptide. A superfast 28-day immunization protocol is provided if our customers are in a rush.


4. Serum antibody tittering

Serum antibody titers are analyzed by ELISA with both the PTM peptide and the naked peptide.


5. Purification

Anti-PTM antibodies are purified using a 3-step antigen affinity purification procedure, for those antibodies require an extremely specific separation between antibodies which are specific for the control peptide and those which are specific to the modified peptide.



ELISA testing of the purified pAb against the non-PTM and PTM peptides.


7. Deliverables

Both anti-PTM antibodies and anti-peptide antibodies are delivered to the customer, together with any remaining antigens.




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