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SpeedeeTM Molecular Biology Services

SpeedeeTM Molecular Biology Services

Seattle Genova is pleased to offer an expanded and cost-effective molecular cloning services to boost your veterinary research. We have strong expertise for custom gene cloning and vector construction, shRNA, CRISPR/Cas9 synthesis, plasmid DNA and RNA purification, site-directed mutagenesis to introduce point mutations, small insertions, or deletions and other projects. We are capable to clone cDNA, ORFs from many species like dog, cat, sheep, cattle, horse, pig, chicken, duck and so on.  

Custom Gene Cloning and Vector Construction

  • Cloning of cDNA, ORFs from any species in the lentiviral and AAV vector backbones

  • Protein-expression vectors for bacterial, and mammalian cell expression

  • We supply sequence-confirmed plasmid DNA and plasmid maps

  • Cloning using restriction enzyme digestion: sticky-end, blunt-end cloning

  • Cloning using PCR amplification: TA cloning or blunt-end cloning

  • Cloning using ligation free technology: use of the “in-fusion” method 

Gene Synthesis & Subcloning

Synthesis of small fragments as well as long fragments, complimentary subcloning into pUC57, EcoRV site.

Cloning by RT-PCR

Isolated RNA/mRNA from any tissue is reverse transcribed and cloned into a plasmid-of-interest.

Viral Expression Vectors

Seattle Genova has an extensive collection of in-house AAV, Lentiviral and Retroviral vector backbones, with combination of heterologous envelopes, genes, promoters and tags.

Gene Editing Vectors

Vectors for CRISPR/cas9, homologous recombination, knock-in, knock-out, Cre, FLP, and Flox constructs for genome integration.

Inducible Expression Vectors

Conditional and inducible systems for a temporal and spatial controlled activation of genes including Tet-On, Tet-Off, and IPTG/tamoxifen-inducible.

Gene Knock-down Vectors

Cloning of miRNA, mi-shRNA and shRNA into a plasmid-of-interest- pol II or pol III-promoter systems are available for transient and stable expression.


Additions, deletions, substitutions, site-specific and random mutagenesis.

Promoter Change Service

Change the promoter in one of our vectors or a vector of your choice to any of the following: CMV, EF1a, PGK, UbC.

Tag Addition/Removal Service (≤30bp)

Addition/Removal of an N-terminal or C-terminal tag smaller than 30bp.

Reporter Addition/Removal Service

Addition, removal or switching of a GFP or RFP reporter in one of Lanhey Animal Sciences’ vectors or a vector of your choice.

Antibiotic Switching Service

Switching of a Puromycin resistance gene to Neomycin, Hygromycin or Blasticidin resistance in one of our vectors or a vector of your choice.

Plasmid Amplification

Amplification of customers’ plasmids from >10ug to 100mg.

Quality control

The end-point plasmids released to investigator/used for vector production after we verify their sequence by digestion with restriction enzyme and Sanger sequencing. 


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