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SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For E.coli

SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For E.coli

Starting with the prepared immunogens, within a month you can get your rabbit polyclonal antibodies from Seattle Genova. Our rabbit polyclonal antibody packages include two New Zealand White rabbits on our standard 8-week production schedule which yields approximately 75 mL serum per rabbit. At the conclusion of the initial protocol you have the option of terminating the project, exsanguinating the rabbits for ~60 mL additional serum, or extending on a monthly basis to obtain an additional ~50 mL serum per rabbit per month.  

The basic service package includes.

  • Immunization of one rabbit using our standard protocol.

  • Collection of pre-immune serum and three immune serum samples.

  • ELISA testing of first serum sample.

Additional services can be added to this package. 

  • Antigen design and production.

  • Isolation of total IgG.

  • Antigen specific affinity purification (monospecific antibody).

  • Antibody labelling, such as biotin or FITC.

  • Removal of anti-GST antibody, when your antigen is a GST fusion protein.

Research using E. coli has led to many advances in a variety of fields.

Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Genetics: Elucidation of the genetic code, DNA replication, transcription, life cycle of lytic and lysogenic bacterial viruses, gene regulation, discovery of restriction enzymes, characterization and study of persister variants and swarming motility behavior, and elucidation of the structure and function of ATP synthase.

Pharmaceuticals: In vivo synthesis of recombinant therapeutic proteins, including insulin (to treat diabetes), interleukin-2 (metastatic melanoma), human interferon-β (multiple sclerosis), erythropoietin (anemia), Human growth hormone (pituitary disorders, short stature, muscle wasting), human blood clotting factors (hemophilia), pegloticase (gout), taxol (cancer) and certolizumab (Crohn's disease).

Evolution: Demonstration of the random nature of mutations. Principal model organism in experimental evolution, used to examine many issues, including the relationship between genomic evolution and adaptation, evolutionary repeatability and the role of historical contingency in evolution, the origin of novel traits, long-term fitness trajectories, effect of sexual recombination on adaptation, and predatory–prey interactions.

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology: Development of genetic engineering techniques and technologies, including molecular cloning and recombinant DNA, allele replacement. Used to produce biofuels, and industrial chemicals such as phenol, ethanol, mannitol, and a variety of others.


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