Antibody Production Services
SpeedyTM Polyclonal Antibody Production

SpeedyTM Polyclonal Antibody Production

Seattle Genova is a leading manufacturer of off the shelf and custom antibodies to accelerate your research. Our custom antibody production services allow you to take advantage of our one-stop peptide/gene/protein production service capacity for a customized polyclonal antibody at highly competitive prices with fast turnaround time. Our expertise includes using a variety of different hosts for the development of polyclonal antibodies, including rabbits, rats, mice, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, and donkeys are also often selected.

Service Highlights

  • Free immunogen design: we do the immunogen design for free!

  • Affordable Price with Fast Turnaround: affordable price for different scales of affinity purified antibody, in less than 28 days

  • Multiple host species options: immunization protocols offered for rabbits, Goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, rats, mice and donkeys

  • Customizable and adaptable: add additional animals to any standard protocol; decide later to continue animals for additional boosts and bleeds

  • Risk-free Guarantee: Free of charge if the generated antibody does not meet the package guarantees. 

  • PTM-specific antibodies: obtain PTM specific antibodies with proper advanced planning and our robust selection methods

Custom Antigen Preparation

Seattle Genova accepts most types of antigens. The antigen or immunogen may come in the form of recombinant or purified protein, synthetic peptide, modified peptide, whole cell lysate, and other variations.  Custom peptide synthesis can be optimized through consultation.

Antigen Design

· Peptide Synthesis

· Peptide Conjugation

· Protein Synthesis

At Seattle Genova, our capabilities enable us to provide complete support for all types and steps of polyclonal antibody production: from peptide design, synthesis and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis, and final antibody purification. Our expert service increases the probability that you will obtain a polyclonal antibody or monoclonal antibody capable of distinguishing among even highly related proteins within complex mixtures to characterize protein expression patterns using IHC, ICC, IF, FACS, ELISA, Western blotting or immunoprecipitation (IP, Co-IP, ChIP).

SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For Fruit Flies
The generation of polyclonal antibodies to an antigen of interest is an important technique applicable to many areas of biological research.
SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Seattle Genova offers competitively priced protocol packages for producing custom rabbit polyclonal antibodies to peptide…
SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For Arabidopsis
Seattle Genova’s SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody platform is a well-developed and superfast platform for Arabidopsis antibody production.
SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For Yeast
The Seattle Genova’s SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody is a speedy polyclonal antibody production platform which allows us…
SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For E.coli
Starting with the prepared immunogens, within a month you can get your rabbit polyclonal antibodies from Seattle Genova.
SpeedeeTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies For Small Molecules
Seattle Genova offers extraordinary service of rabbit polyclonal antibody production for small molecules.
SpeedeeTM Anti-PTM Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development
Seattle Genova has acquired a strong expertise in producing antibodies against PTMs.
SpeedeeTM Anti-scFv Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development
Seattle Genova produces scFv specific antibodies with years of industry leadership.
SpeedeeTM Anti-immunoglobulin CDR Polyclonal Antibody Development
Seattle Genova offers our proprietary rabbit polyclonal antibody development technology to serve our customers’ quick…

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