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Spleen Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova provides various organoids which act as a promising modeling tool for advanced studies in multiple aspects of different organs and aim for the development of new treatments and validation of drug-based therapies. Similarly, we provide services for spleen organoids to understand the blood supply and corresponding pivot role in the spleen's maturation, growth, survival, and physiological functions. Our spleen three-dimensional organoids provide a route for novel and improved various spleen diseases.

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova offers a truly in vivo-like spleen model that mimics the organ's microenvironment and niches. Our services also provide three-dimensional spleen organoids and generate in vitro vasculature models. 

Spleen Organoids from Embryonic Stem Cells

Seattle Genova develops human spleen organoids from embryonic stem cells leading to the successful generation of epithelium cells on the surface of aggregates. The aggregates at the end of differentiation produce an epithelium containing functional stem cells with various supporting cells innervated by sensory neurons.    

Spleen Organoids from Pluripotent Stem Cells

Another spleen organoid our services offer is extracted from pluripotent stem cells generated from tissue-specific progenitors. Our spleen organoids developed from murine and supporting cells by isolating cells from early postnatal mice.

Organoids Derived from Normal Human Tissues

Seattle Genova obtains spleen organoids from normal human tissues, and these derived organoids are utilized to understand several structural and genetic abnormalities, and spleen organoids are used for research and diagnostic purposes. 

Patient-Derived Spleen Cancer Organoids

Seattle Genova also offers spleen organoids as avatars to a cancer organoid. These spleen organoids can be utilized to predict the therapeutic responses to the drugs while establishing large patient-derived organoids in biobanks combined with drug screens which might help delineate novel therapeutic strategies. In addition, our services utilize four different groups of spleen PDO from which tissue samples were obtained for surgical resection and endoscopic, ultrasound- and computed tomography (CT)-guided biopsies or ascites punctures.


Seattle Genova provides spleen organoids with phenotypic and molecular characterizations. The individual PDOs show variant growth patterns characteristic to each line and document the organoid with compact cell clusters. Whereas access to the sequencing modalities allows molecular profiling by transcriptomic, genetic, and epigenetic analyses for the spleen organoids.


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