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Submerged Matrigel Culture For Organoid Production

Submerged Matrigel Culture For Organoid Production

Seattle Genova offers innovative organoid culture techniques, to assist in modern diagnostics. We customized the latest cultural techniques which have fostered novel potential therapeutic applications. One of those techniques we offer is submerged Matrigel culture which provides great promise in tumor-related research.

Research Background

For the submerged culture system, Seattle Genova utilizes the required tissue for organoids. These tissues are enzymatically and physically dissociated followed by mixing underneath tissue culture with a flat gel of 3D Matrigel. Depending upon the type of tissue, we utilize different pathways for inhibitory or growth factors in the culture. Based on the histology and tumor type, customized culture including additives like R‐spondin (RSPO), epidermal growth factor (EGF), WNT3A, and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) inhibitor Noggin to maintain the ability of stem cell's self-renewal and differentiation.

Our Service Portfolio   

Submerged Matrigel Culture Organoids in Drug Screening 

Seattle Genova provides various patient-derived organoids underneath submerged Matrigel systems which can be infiltrated inside cancer screening and drug screening models. The Matrigel systems for cancer modeling stimulate the genetic and phenotypic complexity of cancer tissues along with the potential modeling of functional individual responses to clinical drug treatments.   

Submerged Matrigel Culture Organoids for Epithelial Tumor Cells

Seattle Genova offers innovative co-culture of3D submerged Matrigel with exogenous immune components like primary leukocytes, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), and tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) in epithelial tumor cells. The innovation provided by Seattle Genova is they utilized co-culture instead of typical Matrigel gel culture, which enriches epithelial tumor cells but loss e immune and stromal components.  

Submerged Matrigel Culture with Immune Cell Organoids 

Seattle Genova is also gaining expertise in the reconstitution of various organoids through immune cells in a submerged Matrigel culture system. Seattle Genova utilizes various mammary epithelia organoids particularly from mouse mammary tumor virus‐polyoma with middle T antigen. Moreover, the co-culture of human pancreatic cancer organoids with blood lymphocytes is also infiltrated inside submerged Matrigel organoids. Another complex coculture system of gastric tumor organoids with cytotoxic T lymphocytes in 3D submerged Matrigel organoids has been introduced by Seattle Genova.  



The deliverables of Seattle Genova would include precisely customized organoids as per customer requirements under complete ethical codes.  


Gunti, S., Hoke, A. T., Vu, K. P., & London Jr, N. R. (2021). Organoid and spheroid tumor models: Techniques and applications. Cancers, 13(4), 874.


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