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Tet-off Lentivirus Production Service

Our extensive experience produces lentivirus by Tet-of system. We are providing partners with complete tools so they may find, develop, and commercialize immunotherapy from concept to market, all for the benefit of customers around the world.

Using the Tet-Off method, tetracycline (Tc) or tetracycline derivatives like doxycycline can be used to silence gene expression (dox). The spatiotemporal control of gene expression is precise, reversible, and effective thanks to tetracycline (Tet) technology. 

This "on-demand" gene activation simulates the onset and course of the disease. Tet technology enables one to selectively snuff out target gene expression when combined with Cre recombinase. The tTA transcription factor cannot bind DNA at the promoter when tetracycline is present. Tetracycline inhibits the expression of some genes.


Since they may be instantly transported to any particular area of the animal brain, recombinant viral vectors are now regarded as potent tools for gene transfer in the fields of basic and clinical neurosciences. Lentiviral vectors stand out from other viral delivery systems because they can permanently integrate transgenes into mature neurons' genomes and serve as the foundation for long-lasting gene expression.

How does it function?

The tTA-dependent circuit (Tet-Off system) and the rtTA-dependent circuit are two complimentary circuits used in Tet technology (Tet-On system).

A recombinant tetracycline-controlled transcription factor (either tTA for Tet-Off or rtTA for Tet-On) attaches to the Tet-op promoter to control the target gene's expression or repression. This is how the Tet gene expression system works.

The presence or absence of tetracycline or one of its derivatives, such as doxycycline, controls how genes are expressed. The transcription factors are directly bound by tetracycline.

HEK293T cells were transiently transfected with a mixture of the transfer, envelope, and packaging plasmids to prepare the lentiviral vectors on a small scale.

Lentiviral preparations were manufactured on a large scale and purified using ion exchange column chromatography for in vivo injection investigations.

A target gene whose expression is controlled by a tetracycline-responsive promoter element is controlled by a tetracycline-controlled transactivator protein (tTA), which is made up of the Tet repressor DNA binding protein (TetR) from the Tc resistance operon of Escherichia coli transposon Tn10 fused to the strong transactivating domain of VP16 from Herpes simplex virus (TRE).

The Tet operator (tetO) sequence concatemers that make up the TRE are fused to a minimum promoter, which is typically derived from the immediate-early promoter of the human cytomegalovirus (hCMV).

tTA attaches to the TRE and activates the target gene's transcription in the absence of Tc or Dox. Tc or Dox prevents tTA from attaching to the TRE, which keeps the target gene from expressing itself.


In clinical trials, LV vectors have successfully been utilized to treat uncommon disorders, particularly primary immunodeficiency and neurodegenerative storage diseases.  However, it’s use in the treatment of more prevalent hereditary and acquired disorders, such as -thalassemia, Parkinson's disease, and cancer immunotherapy using chimeric antigen receptors, has been tested in clinics with promising results. This means that, in light of the adoption of these innovative medicines for widespread usage, manufacturing technology becomes a crucial concern.

Features of Our Services

Fast delivery

Flexible modification approaches available

Comprehensive understanding of engineering of Tet-Of system.

Quick completion of any project.

Good quality, yields, concentrations, and purity.

Client satisfaction

Confirmation of the accuracy

A more reasonable cost


The modified lentivirus is also shipped to our customers for them to test internally.

The customer is sent the entire samples in some phases.

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