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Tissue DNA Extraction

Tissue DNA Extraction

Seattle Genova is a leader company providing tissue DNA/RNA extraction services. Our nucleic acid extraction team provides DNA and RNA extraction services to meet the demands of any project. We are experienced in isolating DNA, RNA, and protein from tissues of all kinds of species, including animal, plant, bacteria, yeast, etc. 

At Seattle Genova, we use a high throughput 96 deep well magnetic system which enables automated magnetic particle processing for DNA/RNA, protein or cell purification from virtually any source. And the magnetic bead-based separation technology ensures the resulting DNA and RNA is free of protein, nucleases and other contaminants ensuring your purified nucleic acid samples are ready to use in downstream applications. Sample types include: Human blood, Animal blood, Human tissue, Animal tissue, Plant material, Forensic, Cell culture.

RNA/miRNA Extraction

We have proven experience in RNA/miRNA isolation from a number of different sample types. Sample types include: 

  • Cryopreserved tissues

  • Whole blood

  • Leukocytes

  • Plasma and sera

  • Saliva

  • Frozen tissue and biopsy material

  • Cultured cells

We also offer a number of associated QC options including agarose gel electrophoresis and bioanalyzer analysis.

Seattle Genova offers a broad variety of high-quality workflow solutions for various types of tissue DNA/RNA extractions. With proven technologies from Seattle Genova, let us help you confidently implement your DNA/RNA samples for the following steps of many applications.


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