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Vector Construction For IVT

Vector Construction For IVT

Seattle Genova is a leading biotechnology enterprise with tremendous expertise and revels in offering clients worldwide custom vector production and modification services. Seattle Genova's state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies, and skilled staffs are available to offer you the entire custom vector production and amendment service, which includes sequences analysis, gene synthesis & cloning, DNA fragment assembling, DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, and plasmid production, etc. With efficient production and amendment methods, Seattle Genova can quickly create novel custom vector production for large or small projects. Traditional knock-out/ knock-in includes deleting or adding both copies of a selected gene. This may be incredibly advantageous for both biomedical research and drug development. Seattle Genova has evolved numerous effective technology systems for the efficient generation of maximum preferred and traditional knock-out/knock-in targeting vectors, through combining de novo gene synthesis and quick cloning techniques.


Seattle Genova has advanced a sophisticated gene synthesis platform to modular construct custom plasmid vectors. We attain the vector modules both with the aid of using PCR amplification or synthetic techniques and the use of complex cloning techniques while having to expand custom-designed vectors according to your specific requirements. Seattle Genova's purpose is to offer you the maximum affordable, tremendous custom vector production and modification services to make certain your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner. Seattle Genova offers a variety of popular vector components (Linker, Protein tag, Promoter, Signal peptide) that you can choose from when designing your specialized vectors.






Constructed vector is supplied as a dry powder, completely lyophilized and shipped at room temperature.

A complete work report.


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