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Virus-Like Replicon Particle Production For mRNA Delivery

Seattle Genova is one of the first pioneers in VLP-based offerings for customers requiring fast, completely custom-designed answers to their quest for knowledge. We have a rich history of fulfillment and dedication to supplying our customers with fine service, using the best cutting-edge equipment and finest materials. Coming from world-renowned establishments across the globe, the researchers of our laboratory team are well-educated and tremendously skilled with the devotion and determination to satisfy any requirements of our customers to satisfy. At Seattle Genova, industry-leading customization service is offered to all of our customers at competitive pricing with a fast turnaround time, making sure a smooth and trouble-free start to your research.   VLPs have also lately obtained interest as successful applications in targeted drug delivery and for use in gene therapy. The improvement of more effective and targeted varieties of VLP through amendment of the surface of the particles in such a way that they can be delivered into specific cells or tissues or increase their half-life in the host is probably to increase their use in the future.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are virus-derived structures made up of one or more distinct molecules with the capacity to self-assemble, mimicking the shape and length of a virus, but missing the genetic material so they are not able to infect the host cell. Expression and self-assembly of the viral structural proteins can take place in numerous living or cell-free expression systems after which the viral systems may be assembled and reconstructed.

Classification of virus like replicon particles

The classification of different virus-like particles based on the number of viral surface proteins and the existence of lipid envelopes or not. 

Non-enveloped VLPs: 

 The single layered non-enveloped VLPs assembled by one protein.  

 The single-layered non-enveloped VLPs assembled by two proteins. 

 Two-layered non-enveloped VLPs assembled by two proteins. 

 Two layered non-enveloped VLPs assembled by multiple proteins. 

 The triple-layered VLPs assembled by multiple proteins.

Enveloped VLPs: 

 Single-layered VLPs consisted of one protein.

 Single-layered VLPs consisted of two proteins.

 Two-layered VLPs consisted of two proteins. 

 Two-layered VLPs consisted of multiple proteins.





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