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Stability Assessment of mRNA

The strength of mRNA within the cells could be measured through the steady state level of mRNA and balanced RNA transcription. Moreover, the cellular surveillance mechanism through which mRNA is functional is required to have the stability to minimize the degraded synthesis of a potentially premature termination codon. Seattle Genova provides different stability assessments to evaluate the quality of mRNA, which enforce efficacy standards.

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The regulation of mRNA stability has an important impact on the post-transcriptional event, which significantly affects the net level of mRNA inside the cell. These are specific ways through which mRNA stability can be measured.

LabChip GXII Touch HT Microfluidics Technology

Seattle Genova provides an essential measure for mRNA stability which helps to understand mRNA stability and various underlying mechanisms. These mechanisms regulate the level of transcripts at different physiological conditions or developmental stages. For that reason, Seattle Genova introduced the LabChip GXII Touch HT microfluidics technology to assess the extension rate of degradation of mRNA inside the lyophilized solutions. In this technology, the mRNA solution is lyophilized and run through Electropherograms to analyze the stability and sensitivity of the RNA assays. This method enabled a sensitivity as low as 15 ng/µl (Andreu Fabregat Rossell et al.). Moreover, the LabChip GX Touch System enables the analysis of samples up to 24 (low-throughput) or 96 (high-throughput) samples per run under a brief period.

Actinomycin D Treatment

Another essential service Seattle Genova offers for determining the mRNA stability after transcriptional inhibition is using Actinomycin D treatment. This treatment was initially started inside the mouse's induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

Precision Run-On Sequencing (PRO-seq)

Seattle Genova also offers PRO-seq, which measures the transcription rate, and RNA-seq, which measures RNA concentration. Through these estimations, the rate of RNA decay is observed with good accuracy and sensitivity for both coding and noncoding transcription units of mRNA. Additionally, several histone modifications are also associated with RNA stability.


Seattle Genova provides important mechanisms that assess mRNA's stability and proper functionality for various research processes. Moreover, our services provide reliable and reproducible results that secure our customers' trust. Seattle Genova helps its customers to attain maximum integrity of mRNA. Consequently, we believe in delivering results that manage customers' research with secure access.


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