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Intestine Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova offers human intestinal organoids, transforming the existing obstacles, including limited tissue accessibility, ethical constraints, and inadequate in vitro maintenance. The development of three-dimensional intestinal organoids through our services recapitulates the cell heterogeneity, identity, and behavior of the original tissue in vitro. Moreover, our services also capitalize on the capacity of stem cells to self-renewal and other major intestinal lineages. Hence our services play an essential role in using the intestinal organoid model for homeostasis, regeneration, and disease analysis.

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova services include intestinal epithelium incorporating several distinct cell populations and rapidly dividing intestinal stem cells, which facilities the turnover cycle of adult intestinal stem cells.  


Fig: Cellular sources and numerous methods of intestinal organoid culture (Chusilp et al., 2020)

Organoids Derived from Primary Intestinal Tissue

Seattle Genova utilizes organoids from the epithelial monolayer, which surrounds the central lumen of the intestine. Concerning the in vivo intestinal epithelium, cells constituting organoid epithelium are sloughed off and extruded into the lumen of organoids. The intestinal organoid cultures are passaged periodically by disassociating the organoids from the Matrigel and leading them to break into multiple fragments, further reseeding in new cultures. Hence, this process is repeated with remarkable genetic stability and constitutes an effective expansion method for producing the intestinal stem cell population.     

Organoids Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells

Seattle Genova offers intestinal organoids, established from undifferentiated cells by differentiating human pluripotent stem cells to definitive endoderm and initiation of gut specifications, then into 3D culture intestinal organoids. The primary tissue-derived organoids are embedded in a Matrigel dome and further incubated in a cell cultures medium, promoting their differentiation to the intestinal lineage and partial maturation of organoids.  


Seattle Genova provides customized intestinal organoids which have been processed under experimental techniques. Moreover, the intestinal organoid provides various genetic manipulation, biobanking, and co-culture organoid-derived monolayers, which can play an essential part in the research analysis on intestinal diagnostics and discoveries. 


 Chusilp, S., Li, B., Lee, D., Lee, C., Vejchapipat, P., & Pierro, A. (2020). Intestinal organoids in infants and children. Pediatric Surgery International, 36(1), 1-10.



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